Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to update a chest of drawers for less than £20!

I replaced all the old drawer handles with new, crystal-effect ones.

This is a really easy and cheap way to update and old chest of drawers! It cost me around £16.95 for all these crystal effect knobs (I needed 16 in total). I got these ones from Home Bargains, but I know TK Maxx sometimes sells different knobs, too.

I just had to unscrew all the old ones then screw these in, it didn't take long at all and it looks so much better! Added a few sparkly candle holders on top to bring it all together. I don't have any before pictures but they looked pretty boring before.

Have you painted/reupholstered/updated any old furniture? Do you have any current DIY projects? Comment below <3

Rebecca xxx

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