Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY Halloween Costume/Fabric Dye Tutorial

For this years Halloween costume, me and one of my friends have decided to dress up as the Grady Twins from The Shining! It's a really easy costume and because it is a costume for two people it kind of kills two birds with one stone. YEP.

If you want to make this costume you will need:
  • 2 pale blue dresses (We got cheap white ones from Primark and dyed them, I'll show you how) 
  • Brown wig each (Dependent on hair colour - we're both blonde so needed them!) Ebay
  • Pair of white knee-high socks each Ebay
  • Black flat shoes/ballerina's each (Got them in Primark for like £3)
  • Blood/gory makeup Ebay
I already have blood/theatre makeup, but I got the rest for around £24, so £12 each which is amazing considering the prices of some packet Halloween costumes you can buy.

So first things first: the dresses. We got 2 white dresses from Primark, on sale at £3. We bought white because they were the only dresses that looked pretty similar to the type of dress the Grady Twins wear. I dyed them to a pale blue colour using Dylon fabric dye in Bahama Blue for £2.99, and some Dylon salt for 50p from Wilko.

The dying process is simple: 
  • Mix the dye packet with 500ml warm water  
  • Fill a basin/sink with 6L warm water (I used my kitchen sink, I filled it about 1/3 full)
  • Add 5 tbsp Dylon Salt into the sink
  • Then pour in the dye and mix well
  • Finally place the fabric/clothes into the sink and mix regularly for an hour
 That's just a quick how-to but there's easy instructions on the back of the packet. Once that's all done rinse it with cool water then wash with warm water.

Then just add the wig if needed, socks, shoes and blood if you want, Voila!

I'll post a picture of our finished costume on Halloween.

Rebecca xxx

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